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The Climate Adaptation Game

From our member: Weronika Szatkowska

The Climate Adaptation Game increases the understanding of what a warmer climate implicates and how we can adapt to it. The game is suitable for education in sustainable development and when starting to work with climate adaptation. In the Climate Adaptation Game, you make the city Weatherton more resilient to extreme weather. You learn more about how climate change affects our society and find solutions to deal with it. It gives you practice in grasping complex contexts, enhances your analytical skills and capability to solve problems.

  • Who is the game suitable for?

Primary school students, secondary school students, high school students, university students.

  • What problem does the game solve?

  • Common ground for discussions about climate change adaptation

  • Easy and quick way of getting an idea of the complex challenges of climate change adaptation

  • Raise awareness and curiosity about climate change and adaptation

  • How long does it take to play? 45min (individual) - 2-3h in groups

  • References

  • How many people can play?

min. 1 player

  • SDG’s

6. good health and well-being, 7. clean water and sanitation, 11. affordable and clean energy, sustaiable cities and communities, 15. life on land

  • Price indication


  • Trial version available?

full version available

  • Online training tutorial?

all free online

  • Learning performance - how to grade the players?

based on reaching individual goals - see the manual

*Think about your audience:

  • Teachers looking for a game to play with their students - YES

  • Company looking for training - MAYBE

  • Government looking for a fun way to create behaviour change? - YES

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