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Simulation Game Maritime Spatial Planning

From our member Harald Warmerlink

Human activities at sea such as off shore wind farming, shipping and fishing, easily get into each others way. And they have a long term impact on the marine environment. ​Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Challenge has been designed to help decision-makers, stakeholders and students understand and manage the maritime (blue) economy and marine environment.

In the multi-player simulation game, country planners and stakeholders see the entire sea region and review many different data layers to make an assessment of the current status. They develop plans for future uses of sea space, over a period of several decades. The consequences of decisions for energy, shipping and the marine environment are simulated and visualized in indicators and heat maps.

MSP Challenge integrates best available geo, maritime and marine data with simulation models for ecology, shipping and energy production. Using advanced game technology and game thinking, MSP Challenge is designed to engage and immerse users, making it a perfect environment for stakeholder engagement, planning through co-design, learning and education.

The MSP Challenge simulation platform is open source and free of charge. Anyone can use, or play, online via our servers. Or install your own server. VR and AR applications are under development.

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