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Scientific Consensus

This activity uses John Cook's poster of the "97% of climate scientists agree we're causing global warming." To interact with the information, players are asked to locate the three out of the one hundred pictured on the poster who "disagree." These three have their arms crossed to indicate opposition. The large percentage who agree that humans are warming the planet is an important piece of knowledge that many people are not aware of. John Cook (founder of Skeptical Science) identifies the scientific consensus as a "Gateway Belief" necessary before they can accept a whole cascade of other solid evidence.

Then we say, "let's look at who doesn't agree."

The poster is accompanied by another poster which is a KEY to the scientists in the poster. It has everyone's name, as they are all real people who consented to be pictured here. The three who object are fossil fuel spokespersons, paid by the industry.

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1 Comment

Marieke de Wijse
Marieke de Wijse
Jan 21, 2023

I like the visual and low treshold approach of this poster, we can reach a large audience with this!

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