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HEX Game

  • General description from an end user perspective

Hex is a game, though already developed in the sixties by one of the founders of modern game simulation Richard Duke, is still a very interesting and relevant simulation game today.

Hex consists of a three dimensional board game (there is also an online version available) that represent three hierarchical layers in a country that has extensive sustainability challenges. Players play roles on either of these layers. There are national leaders, regional leaders and local leaders next to a world bank/local bank and of course journalist reporting on what is happening in the country regarding welfare, politics and national production.

Your aim as players is to achieve sustainable living for every inhabitant in your land. During the gameplay the scenario evolves and all kinds of sustainability challenges put pressure on your plans, strategies, cooperation’s and national goals.

  • Who is the game suitable for?

Managers and employees in companies

Apprentices at universities, middle schools, vocational schools, adult education (business& society, environmental studies, economics)

Employees of NGOs

  • What problem does the game solve?


The focus of the simulation game HEX is on communication, efficient distribution of scarce resources and sustainable development.

They can be customized to educational demands:

  1. Experience communication problems in complex organizations and develop effective solution strategies

  2. Implementing strategies in layered organizations and networks, experiencing complexity and challenges in policy implementation and change

  3. Training of social competence and teamwork skills

  4. Experience and train cooperation as one of the key factors for sustainable development

  5. Training efficient communication in complex socio technical systems over different hierarchical layers

  6. Training of negotiations with interest groups

  7. Being able to help shape confusing processes

  8. Develop an experience-based understanding of economic interrelationships and sustainable development in the form of systems insight and systems competence including learning to learn and developing a meta perspective on how to achieve value from your role

  • Playing time (including debriefing)

Duration 1/2–1 day, including evaluation

  • Photos/graphic material

The three level gameboard from HEX shows the state of the country and provides players feedback on resources.

  • References/websites/links

  1. Moderation by UCS/Radboud University Nijmegen

  2. Licenses and Train-the-Trainer on request

  3. Languages: German, English


  • AGS Alliance for Global Sustainability, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich (Projektwoche „Youth Encounter for Sustainability YES“ mit internationaler Studentengruppe)

  • Diverse case studies at Radboud University from 2010

  • Conducts at diverse consultancy companies worldwide (GITP International, Twijnstra Gudde International, Sofos Consultancy, Samenspraak Advies)

  • How many people can play and specific conditions?

Group size: ideal: 16-20, possible: 10-61

  • Specific SDG’s if applicable

The application of this game is suitable for all sdg goals

  • Price indication

Depending on commercial or institutional use contact ucs creative simulations

  • Trial version available or online tutorial available?

No, but a demonstration (via zoom) can be organized

There is a new online version for Hex that has been reduced in complexity because to play Hex online is more challenging

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