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Guidelines to publish about a professional

Updated: May 31, 2022

As you can see, ISAGA is an organisation focused on science:

ISAGA stands for International Simulation and Game Association. We are an international community of simulation game professionals with an interest in the science behind the scenes of games (in the meaning of learning games), simulations, and related methodologies. We were founded in the seventies. (from ISAGA, bold added by us)

From this statement, this community shouldn't be a sustainability thematic site. However, this Interest Group on Sustainability (IGS-ISAGA) focus on the real use of simulations and games for sustainability. It is not science, it is taking action on a vital purpose - we have no planet B. We can collaborate to the UN sustainability objectives with more than researches and time urges.

This way keep in mind that this is not the channel for scientific issues. You can do it in normal ISAGA channels (journal, conferences, etc)

How to write your presentation

You can publish about yourself as a professional. At this point, remember that you are not selling services in general. You are selling your expertise to produce a sustainability game. There must be the interest on sustainability in your services.

You can publish about a game you know, but not about what you don't know. We want to show beginners about your experience on a game. The technical specifications can be added at the end of your game page.

You can publish about a game you created. However, we want to users words instead of your presentation. You must let your text clear about it is your creation and include testimonies.

You can publish about your company since you following the same issues. Even if you do services or products you can publish them if you understand that a professor can make the connection with sustainability and provide instructions on how to do it in your page.

So, when you present yourself keep in mind you are selling sustainability S&G.

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