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Guide lines to publish about a game

Updated: May 31, 2022

Hi, members! These are guidelines that may help you in your publication. We don't want to repeat the same found anywhere else. Instead of that use your own words to present a game to a beginner. Consider a professor that wants to use something on sustainability in the class as your audience.

So, you must know the game to write about it. Even if you are the producer of the game, we don't want a simple technical presentation. We want you to expose your perception of the game from the point of view of a professor.

The game page should present it in a informal and friendly language. Choose easy words and avoid to use technical terms. Expose how you felt yourself when applying the game and what was students reactions.

The main paragraph should be how you access results with the game. Is there any kind of formal debriefing or not. How did you solve this issue? Look to expose metrics on behavior evolution instead of points and badges.


The title of the game must be cited again in a title along your text. But that should be added with a word or two about what mostly characterises the students perception about it.

As an example, "Thirsty Game" says nothing about the game. A better solution could be something like "Using soda business game to develop sustainability behavior on business students". The use of sustainability, develop and behavior terms are very good because they are related to the objective of the site. The directive to business students is interesting because we drive the post to the knowledge field where a professor teaches.


Don't forget we need to have at least 1 image of the game. Using the publication tools you can do it easily.

Give preference to images where you see people playing. Show only characteristics game pages

Don't use unclear images:


Also it is highly recommended to include at least 2 links in your page:

1) An internal link to a page inside our site.

2) An external link to a page outside the site. This is not the game link, it is a content link.

If you feel a strong need to use a technical term, include a paragraph to explain it shortly followed by a link to a page where the professor can access the concept in depth. If you don't find a page like that, propose to write a page about the topic with the same objective, e.g. a text for beginners.

Reference to the game

You need to include a full reference to the game. In the case of a social game or anyone that does not need technological issues (such as internet access), include a paper with full instructions instead of writing it in the page. The reason is that the site gains more visibility when users advance to a sequence of pages instead of a single access.

In the case of a web game or app do download, include the link to it.


After writing your text, you must classify the game. Use the categories an tags to classify. You can add as many as you need. The page will appear based on your classification and the site reliability remains on your classification.

If you have suggestions on this guide, write to one of the site administrators.

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