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Do you know Prof. Titton ???

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

He is a mad scientist from Brazil. His UN Sustainable Development Goals are:

There is a personal reason for acting on them. Brazil produces enough food to export. It has the best productivity indices in agribusiness in the world, without the need to advance on existing forests. But then why does it have 17 million inhabitants who suffer from food deficiency? Precisely because families lack income. About 17 million people live in families that do not earn €20 a month. The social programs carried out over the last 15 years were insufficient to promote socioeconomic changes in these families. Currently, the State is coming up with new proposals so that the delivery of a minimum income is accompanied by actions that will take these families to higher levels.

The action in these 3 objectives is carried out through the dissemination of the culture of entrepreneurship within this social class so that the family can progress from the success of their business initiatives.

In short, the end of poverty depends on people's development, but none of this happens before success in improving income has taken place.

That is me! I am happy there, but I think the corals are already dead...

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