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Change company culture by playing a game?

'Serious games' are a powerful tool for learning new skills and starting a conversation about how things are done ideally and in reality. In 'Agent Content' several teams within the company play both in parallel and together for a period of 3 months. It's a game about spies being on a secret mission to save the future. Commissioned by Presenter communication, this game enables all employees to become aware of sales opportunities they run into in their daily activities, whilst engaging them in collective meaning making and learning.

The game is designed specifically as a tool for skill building and culture building combined. Teams play with a maximum of 3 teams simultaneously (15 people) on a 3d board game that is full of QR codes. By scanning the QR codes with a smartphone, one goes to the website and finds either a character that gives them information about their mission, a team assignment or a surprise activity shaking things up. In between the bi-weekly play sessions, teams perform challenges that provide them with coins they can use on the board game.

The game allows for both competition between teams and collaboration between players. There's challenges for individuals as well as for duo's.

Results of the game?

A strong company culture, aware of sales opportunities, confident and proactive in making new connections and following up on opportunities. A lot of exchange and learning takes place amongst the players. Mixed teams make for a fruitful learning exchange, sales professionals, writers and content specialists, people of high seniority as well as juniors.

A second result of the game is that it provides Presenter more, interesting and meaningful sales opportunities. The game taps into the professional network all who play and activates players to inform themselves, make connections and involve potential and existing clients in the latest developments within Presenter and the actualities in their working field.

Want to find out more? Go to the website of Studio ToiToi

Studio ToiToi is based in The Netherlands but works globally. We design offline and hybrid games mostly for clients in The Netherlands but online games for teams around the world. Shoot us a message if you have any questions about Agent Content - or about applying gaming for culture change at .

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