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Join our global community of international game facilitators, researchers, developers and more!



ISAGA (International Simulation and Game Association) founded in 1960 is an international network of game simulation researchers and professionals that wants to contribute to sustainable development. The Special Interest Group games for sustainability of ISAGA can be contacted for advice and help with designing and facilitating of simulation games as long as the purpose is aimed at sustainability.


ISAGA’s Special Interest Group Sustainability aims to serve as a HUB for connecting gaming professionals and organizations to sustainability challenges.

Join our monthly meeting!

Every 4th Friday of the month we come together online and share game design and research experiences, play sustainability games together and collaborate on sustainability projects. 

It's free to join and you are most welcome! Whatever your background or experience level in gaming. 

Colorful Dice

Do you have a sustainability question? 

Why not ask our group of game professionals to think along? No strings attached, we are happy to hear you out and support you.

Climate Protest


Applied gaming provides you with the opportunity to experience the impact of your decisions, however small or big. 

Game in the picture: The border

The Border is a board/card game with RPG elements. As Białowieża citizens (a village in the State of an Emergency Zone), you will deal with dilemmas related to helping refugees, your internal motivation, position in the community and limited opportunities to engage in the crisis.

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We are an international group of game professionals and researchers from around the world. We work together to use gaming as a force for good!

Youth Conference


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(every 4th Friday of month)

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